New to Gorman

Suggested checklist for new students:

  • 5 pairs pants or shorts.
  • 3-4 uniform polo shirts. Men’s and Ladies’ fit available.
  • 3 outerwear items (school-approved jackets, sweatshirts, crewnecks or fleece)
  • 2 spirit tees. May be worn on friday with uniform pants or shorts.
  • 1 Mass shirt and 1 Mass vest. (Students will attend Mass approximately 10 times during the school year)


School Supplies:

The Hammes Campus Store will usually have all the typical supplies needed for a regular school day. This year the “Freshman Binder” is no longer mandatory but we recommend you look at the current binder while supplies last. It’s a great way to stay organized. We carry new spirit wear every 3 months.

The Summer Enrichment uniform t-shirts are $15 and worn with Khaki pants, shorts or long jeans. Available for purchase after May 15th.