Frequently Asked Questions:

What are your Store Hours?
Monday through Thursday 7am -2:30pm, Fridays 7am – 2pm

Do you sell Spirit Wear at any of the sport games?
We sell Spirit Wear at the Football Varsity Home Games

Is the Freshman Binder a REQUIRED item?
The required Freshman Binder is no longer required and now just a recommended item as an organizational tool. We have binders while supplies last @ $15 in the campus store and available online.

Can students wear the uniform shorts all year long?
Yes, students can wear uniform shorts all year long if they like.

  • Can students wear the uniform shorts to Mass?
  • Yes, as long as they are the uniform style shorts.
  • Men must wear a belt with their shorts.
  • All students must have their shirts tucked in.

Are scarves allowed?
Yes, students can wear scarves during the Fall/Winter seasons.

Can students wear hats during school times?
No, students can never wear hats, beanies during school hours 7:30am-1:50pm.

Can students wear Hoodie Sweatshirts?
No, students are never allowed to wear hoodies during school hours, hoodies are permitted at sporting games, and during school extra circular activities.

Can students use their ID’s to purchase in the campus store? Eat?
Yes, the student ID’s should remain with the student at all times and can be used to purchase items in the campus store, purchase lunch in the commons, and use as an ID to enter sporting games, and school activities.

What if a family has student ID issues and/or questions?
Stop in or call the Campus Store and we can assist you further.